Winston Peters slams flag referendum spending

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has condemned the Government's nearly $26 million referendum process on a possible change of flag.

Winston Peters at Parliament ceremony. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Peters says that when the cost of changing flags and other insignia is taken into account the true cost of a new flag could be upwards of $50 million.

Despite this Cabinet has now agreed on the details of the flag referendum process with every political party invited to take part.

All political parties have been written to asking them to nominate an MP to be part of a cross party group on the flag change process.

But Mr Peters says there are more important issues to deal with, such as poverty, than spending millions of dollars on referendums about changing our national flag.

The Government wants to hold two votes on whether to change the flag, the first next year will invite the public to choose a preferred new design.

The winner of that vote will then go into a run off with the current flag in 2016.