Winston Peters: Separatism and mass immigration bottom lines for NZ First

Stopping separatism and stopping mass immigration is a bottom line for NZ First working with any future government, Winston Peters says.

Labour and the Greens have announced that they will work together to change the Government with the arrangement ending on election night but Mr Peters says supporters will find out very quickly that the only beneficiary will be the Greens.

On current numbers the two parties would need New Zealand First on board however Mr Peters says his party has not been part of any discussion.

"The idea that you would go with a pre-arrangement on a deck of cards you've never read, we simply can't see how that works," Mr Peters told Q+A this morning.

Winston Peters says in other countries there is legitimate debate about immigration within claims of racism. Source: Q+A

"If two things go with this, if mass immigration continued and for example a parallel state where you've got a state within a state because of separatist racist laws then we will not go down that path and I'm saying it right now."

In every other country in the western world there is a legitimate debate about immigration but the moment you debate it in New Zealand critics want to call it racist, says Mr Peters.

He says current immigration policy brings in a lot of low-skilled low qualified people but his party would "bring people here that we need, not people who need us".

And he says with people are teeming into Auckland, NZ First would prioritise provinces where there are skills gaps.

"They can come from anywhere in the world, it's not race based - we want them to salute our flag, respect our laws, honour our institutions and don't bring anti-women attitudes with them."