Winston Peters says mortgage repayments for Māori and Pasifika need to be 30-40% lower

Winston Peters says mortgage, rates and insurance payments are too high and need to be more affordable for Māori and Pasifika.

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Winston Peters says health, housing, jobs and education for Pacific people are priorities for NZ First ahead of the election. Source: Tagata Pasifika

Speaking to Tagata Pasifika today, the New Zealand First leader said the price of paying off a house can "starve" people from being able to provide for their other needs.

"We deal with real people and ordinary issues," Peters said.

"Pacific and Māori want affordable housing that's clean and hygienic that they can pay for at perhaps no more than 30-32 per cent of their weekly wage when it comes to mortgage, rates and insurance not 65-70 per cent so their starving on the rest of their needs."

Peters also spoke about the Government's Covid-19 response, New Zealand's recession and how NZ First would help "get wealth back to New Zealand families".

Peters said health, housing jobs, and education are priorities for the party ahead of the election.

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