Winston Peters responds to Bill English phone call: It was too late and I'll ring him back this morning


The New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has told 1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann that he will return Bill English's phone call this morning.

Mr English wasn't taking it personally, however, saying it was to be expected give Mr Peters' earlier comments.
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Mr English revealed this morning that he called Mr Peters ahead of likely coalition talks but that Mr Peters did not return the call.

Winston Peters this morning that by the time he was aware that Mr English had made a call and left a message, it was too late to call back.

He says he will return the call this morning. 

Mr Peters is king or queenmaker after the election left National needing NZ First to form a two-party coalition and Labour also needing NZ First and the Greens to be able to govern. 

"We can only go at the pace NZ First decides to go at, they're in quite a challenging situation," Mr English said. 

Mr Peters is waiting until the special votes are completely counted on October 7 to begin negotiations, and expects a final decision to be reached on October 12. 

1 NEWS' Andrea Vance says we are no closer to finding out the make-up of the next government after Mr Peters' theatrics.
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Mr English said that timeframe was "extremely tight".

"We've done three coalition agreements... and they certainly took longer than four or five days, and this is a great deal more complex than the situation we've had in the last three elections."

Jim Bolger is in campaign mode for former party, saying Greens should talk to National about coalition edging Peters out of king-maker position.
Source: 1 NEWS

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