Winston Peters remains diplomatic over Donald Trump's Jerusalem move




President Donald Trump's controversial decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem won't change New Zealand's attitude, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.

There's been widespread criticism of the move but Mr Peters isn't adding his voice to it.

"I don't think it helps for us to join, from this far away, a chorus of statements," he said on RNZ on Friday.

"Our position is we are not going to move our representation.

"We won't be changing our view of where the embassy should be, it's going to remain in Ankara."

Dame Susan Devoy said Mr Peters described her as "a bit round" in 1987, but the deputy PM disputes that.

Source: 1 NEWS

New Zealand's embassy in Turkey is cross-accredited to Israel, and there is a consulate in Tel Aviv.

Mr Peters echoed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's words when he said he didn't think Mr Trump's decision would help the Middle East peace process.

It comes after the US recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Source: 1 NEWS

"It's not going to happen today or tomorrow and not for some considerable time, but in terms of trying to bring this matter, which has been a festering sore for a long long time, to a peaceful solution, I think it's fair to say it doesn't help," he said.

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