Winston Peters 'not giving up' on Government's KiwiBuild target of 1000 homes by July

Winston Peters says he is "not giving up at all" on the Government's target to deliver 1000 KiwiBuild homes by July. 

Mr Peters' assertion comes after Housing Minister Phil Twyford admitted that "at this moment" KiwiBuild will fall 700 homes short, with only 300 contracted to be completed. 

However, the deputy Prime Minister remains positive KiwiBuild targets will still be met.

"The reality is there are many in the Government who are seriously committed to ensure we do meet our targets," Mr Peters said from Ratana. 

"We're not giving up at all, we've got six months to wind this up as fast as we can and practically we will."

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Mr Peters say he believes the Government can meet the original target of 1000 homes by July 2019. 

When asked about Mr Twyford's comments that he could not guarantee to meet the target, Mr Peters said, "We're going to recommit ourselves at our first Cabinet meeting to getting back on track". 

He said issues stemmed from the Resource Management Act, with changes needed to "clear the pathways of bureaucracy and application processes".

"I'm not giving up at all."

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"We're got six months to wind this up as fast as we can," the deputy Prime Minister said. Source: 1 NEWS