Winston Peters meets with English and Ardern following marathon NZ First discussion




Winston Peters has fronted up to media after meeting with the NZ First board and caucus this afternoon, saying they've got a lot of work done but no final decision has been made.

The NZ First leader says they are "98 per cent there" on the policy issues.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Peters once again refused to give a deadline on when the decision on a new government would be made but said the board's work is "98 per cent done" and they're now making their way home.

"We have spent a couple of days on very comprehensive discussions and preparations for the party to make a final decision, we got a lot of work done, the board's engagement in terms of that work is complete.

"We have things to finish off as urgently as we can, sorting out differences on calculations and opinions with both sides. So if we do finalise it, we know that we've already got the agreement rather than going away and having to go away and write it all again," Mr Peters said.

While the NZ First leader says the talk on policy is complete, he now needs to take the board's decision back to Labour and National for further discussion before then reviewing the outcome with the board again for a final decision.

"The board is starting to wind its way home and we’re going to press on and try and bring it all to finality as fast as we possibly can," Mr Peters said.

The former United Future leader says Bill English and Jacinda Ardern are bowing to Winston’s tune.
Source: 1 NEWS

After speaking with media, he briefly met with both National leader Bill English and Labour's Jacinda Ardern. 

He said the board wouldn't be required to return to Wellington and he would communicate with them via other channels to make the decision as soon as possible.

All "nine permutations" are still on the table, he said, and will be up until the final decision is made.

He wouldn't be drawn on whether the announcement would be made by the end of the week or not, meaning we're no closer to knowing the make-up of the next government at this stage.

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