Winston Peters apologises to 'all woodwork teachers' after gibe at Gerry Brownlee's expense

Winston Peters apologised to "all woodwork teachers" after making a gibe in Parliament today at Gerry Brownlee's former career.

The Deputy Prime Minister was answering a question on behalf of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern when the exchange took place.

National's Paula Bennett asked Mr Peters a question about New Zealand exports allegedly being delayed on arrival in China.

"What recent reports or advice has she received from Government officials regarding delays for New Zealand exports at Chinese ports?" Ms Bennett asked.

Mr Peters' answer was then interrupted by an interjection from Mr Brownlee, who accused him of dodging the question.

"Well I know, Mr Woodwork Teacher, what the question is and I'll answer it," Mr Peters shot back at the National MP who used to work as a woodwork teacher.

Speaker Trevor Mallard then called for order and asked Mr Peters to apologise for his remark.

"I with great delight apologise to all woodwork teachers including Mr Brownlee," Mr Peters said before being made to apologise again without any qualifications.

The debate on Kiwi goods being delayed at Chinese ports then briefly continued, with Mr Peters denying the Government had received any complaints on the issue despite National's claims to the contrary.

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Mr Peters called the National MP "Mr Woodwork Teacher" during a debate on China in question time today. Source: 1 NEWS

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