Winston Peters and NZ First MPs heading to Wellington, but coalition negotiations not first on agenda




Winston Peters will be returning to parliament tomorrow, but 1 NEWS political reporter Andrea Vance doesn't expect any serious coalition talks to begin when he does.

1 NEWS political reporter Andrea Vance says Mr Peters will hold his first caucus since the election.
Source: 1 NEWS

"Mr Peters is not returning to start coalition negotiations, NZ First are having their first caucus meeting tomorrow so he'll be here to welcome the party's three new MPs.

"He's been very clear he's going to talk to his new MPs and to the wider party and party officials before he makes any decisions," Vance said.

Mr Peters has also repeatedly said he will wait for the special vote count to come in before beginning negotiations in earnest.

Winston Peters holds all the aces when it comes to forming the next government.
Source: 1 NEWS

Vance thinks this means the much anticipated one-on-one meetings between Mr Peters and the leaders of National and Labour are still a few days off yet.

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