Winners in new Labour-led Government's first Budget set to be health, education and state housing, says 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch

The winners in Grant Robertson's first Budget on Thursday are set to be health, education and state housing, says 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch.

In health, $8 billion over four years has been promised - a big injection - and things like mental health are due for a win too, Mutch said.

"With education, things like early childhood education we understand will be a winner, and special education," she reported.

There have been a lot of hints that school buildings will be in for a win too, she added.

"With housing, we understand more state housing will be promised to be built as well."

But the word is don't hold your breath or get too excited.

"That's because the Government has already promised a lot of those just after the last election in the mini budget - things like the $75 a week families package," Mutch said.

She said a lot is riding on the Budget for the Finance Minister.

"He's set to deliver a higher-than-expected surplus. And he's going to be putting some of that aside in a kitty. He's going to be saving it for a rainy day for things like a natural disaster or for this Mycoplasma bovis outbreak."

The Government has already delayed some promises and our political editor says there could be more. 

"We saw that with the cheaper GP visits that were promised. And we'll find out more details of that in the Budget. There could also be more that are delayed or phased in as well."

National has said the Government has inherited a very favourable position with a lot of money to spend in this Budget.

But Mutch said with that comes expectation, especially for those that traditionally do well under Labour, and we'll see if it delivers in Thursday's Budget.

Grant Robertson will deliver the new Labour-led Government's first Budget since taking power tomorrow. Source: 1 NEWS