William Trubridge just hours away from 102m freedive: 'The pressure is coming back to me'




In just a couple of hours, William Trubridge will once again attempt to plunge deeper in to the ocean than any man has before when he free dives Dean's Blue Hole - the world's deepest marine cavern.

William Trubridge is attempting to break his own world record of 101 metres.
Source: 1 NEWS

Trubridge currently holds the world record for deepest freedive at 101 metres but wants to beat it with an attempt of 102 metres.

He attempted that feat in 2014 but was unsuccessful - that failure not deterring him from coming back to the Bahamas though.

"I said to everyone that I was going to come back and have another crack and I was going to get it and now that pressure is coming back to me," he said.

And apparently, should he reach the record depth, he won't stop there.

"I still feel like there's more - 102 wouldn't be a limit if I reached it. I still feel like I'm improving. I'm discovering more things about the sport so I want to carry on going."

Breakfast will be the first in the world to show Trubridge's attempt tomorrow morning at around 7:30am.

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