Wild weather forces longest delay in 40 years for Kiwi scientists journeying to Antarctica

New Zealand scientists' trip to Antarctica has been delayed, with wild weather battering the icy continent.

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The start of the science season is already two weeks behind schedule. Source: 1 NEWS

With winds lashing snow and sleet into an icy storm, activity at the McMurdo Sound airfields have come to a screeching halt, leaving planes grounded on the Christchurch tarmac.

The weather has caused the longest delay in 40 years, setting scientists back a further two weeks.

However, a slight break in the weather has left the Kiwi team scrambling to depart as soon as possible.

Officials are hopeful that two flights, holding around 20 logistics staff will depart tomorrow, optimistic a further five can take off by Friday.

Weather permitting, scientists will take off in two weeks, where they can finally get to work.