Why you'll find streets named Māori Avenue and New Zealand Way in the UK

Hidden among Britain’s most popular streets you’ll find Māori Avenue, New Zealand Way, and even a Taupō Drive.

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Europe Correspondent Daniel Faitaua went to check some of them out. Source: 1 NEWS

Nottingham local Steven Smith’s lived on Māori Avenue for 15 years and admits his street name always throws people off.

"When I say Māori Avenue people think I’ve mispronounced it ... and quite often I have to spell the full name for them just to make it simpler," he told 1 NEWS.

A block away and you’ll find Taupō Drive, a quiet leafy cul-de-sac with three bedroom standalone properties selling for half a million dollars. 

Walton and Allen estate agent Richard Cardwell believes residents on Taupō Drive wouldn’t know the street has a Kiwi connection.

"I would be very surprised if people in the area recognised that Taupo was actually a place in New Zealand," he said.

For almost a quarter of a century, Cardwell’s been selling properties in the area.

He said the street names have not just monetary value, but sentimental value too.

From Kiwi Close, Auckland Road, Christchurch Road and New Zealand Way, more than a dozen roads were named in honour of the places the Queen's visited during her tour of New Zealand.

Author Deirdre Mask has released her findings in her new novel 'The Address Book' which delves into the meanings behind addresses around the world and how roads and street names can affect ordinary people.

"It’s interesting because it’s not something we often think about. We're sort of just walking around the street, we use them as a navigation but actually they hold a lot of history," the London-based author said.

She believes the Kiwi options are a nod to the strong bond between the UK and New Zealand.

"The parent names the baby ... in New Zealand there's lots of streets that you recognise that would've been British empire names and that's because the British came along and, of course, they're going to name the baby just as they want to," she said.

Barnsley Library in South Yorkshire confirmed to 1 NEWS houses were being built during and after the Queen's tour of New Zealand in the early 1950s. At the time, one of the street names was Māori Avenue.