Why people love loud music revealed in University of Auckland research

While we know loud music isn't good for people's ears, it's something that people just can't seem to give up - especially at concerts.

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Lucas de Jong has some unexpected research findings from the University of Auckland. Source: Seven Sharp

Auckland University's Dr David Welch headed into a nightclub to find out why.

He found that when we hear loud music, we're culturally conditioned to think "fun".

"We start to see loud music as a necessary part of things that we do are fun," he told Seven Sharp.

"The very loudness sort of fires us up, it arouses us, and makes us more excitable."

But the study also found loud music brings clarity, and with clarity comes closeness.

Loud music demands people break down the barriers of personal space.

"You can bet that people will start to become friendly with each other, they will start to feel a sense of oneness," Dr Welch says.

Watch the video for the full Seven Sharp report.