Who should govern Labour? Readers say Jacinda Ardern

We asked, you answered. ONE News readers have backed "a motivated, young beauty" to sort out the wounded Labour Party.

David Cunliffe and Jacinda Ardern Source: 1 NEWS

Jacinda Ardern emerged in a poll as the clear front runner to lead the embattled party after its crushing defeat in Saturday's election.

Ms Ardern edged past current leader David Cunliffe as most favoured, polling at 41% with Mr Cunliffe lagging on 24%, followed by former leader David Shearer on 18%.

Worringly for Labour, the other prime alternative leadership candidates polled poorly, with Grant Robertson on 12% and Andrew Little with 5%.

The poll was stopped after David Shearer 's supporters skewed the vote, pushing his support from around 20% to over 60% in a matter of minutes.

But that was a clear indication his supporters see him re-emerging in a future Labour leadership race.

Auckland Central list MP Ms Ardern had earlier also proved popular on the ONE News Facebook page this morning, with hundreds of people calling for her to take the helm.

"Jacinda Adern for sure, Labour needs some young blood, because she's a woman, young, with fresh eyes, " Jodie Loos wrote.

"Jacinda Adern would make a good Leader if elected now and will grow into the job over the next three years &she is strong, has the 'X' factor, is nice and personable, a good debater and i believe would refocus the Labour Party," Sylvia Jennings said.

Even non-Labour voters have thrown their support behind the 34-year-old.

Tania Oxton, "I didn't vote Labour but I like Jacinda. She is young, vibrant, speaks knowledgeably about subjects and has a sense of humour. Labour could do with someone like her leading them".

Mr Cunliffe said he has no plans to resign and will be putting his hat in the ring for the leadership if there is a challenge, saying he wants the whole party to make a quick decision.

Despite an overwhelming swing towards Ms Ardern from the ONE News online audience, Mr Cunliffe still had his supporters.

" wonder Labour keeps they want to put a young woman in as Leader. Give her another 15 to 20 years to gather some life experience and maturity and I will agree with them. Wake up!", says Rose Bound.

"I actually thought David Cunliffe fought a darned good campaign. He was against it from the start, and whilst I'm a National supporter, I thought he held his own in the debates, albeit rude when he was talking over people," Em Lowe wrote.

The poll registered around 2000 votes before being pulled.