Whittaker's Peanut Slab ice cream bars are now a thing

In the latest addition to the long list of collaborations between Kiwi snacks, foods and sweets, Tip Top and Whittaker's have worked together to create a Peanut Slab ice cream bar.

The new Whittakers/Tip Top Peanut Slab ice cream bars. Source: Supplied

A member of staff at the Garnet Dairy in Westmere, Auckland confirmed that stock had been delivered to their store this morning.

"It's quite nice actually," they said, "it's kind of a bit like coffee-ish, dark chocolate I think."

Tip Top Ice Cream posted an image yesterday on its Facebook page teasing the new product.

Garnet Dairy said they're selling the 88ml bars for $3.50 each.