'White lives matter!' Auckland University to investigate white supremacist posters plastered around campus




Auckland University is investigating white supremacist posters that were plastered in and around its campus overnight as to whether they "breach our policies".

One of the posters which was seen around Auckland University today.

Source: Western Guard

This comes weeks after concerns were raised about a new student group, called the Auckland University European Students Association, with one particular issue raised being its motto, 'Our pride is our honour and loyalty'.

The group was disestablished after it received a "high number of physical threats".

Critics say the motto resembles a Nazi slogan and the group has been accused of racism.
Source: 1 NEWS

The posters, which depict a young white couple, were seen on Symonds Street and on campus, with slogans such as "White Lives Matter", and "Hey white man, only you can prevent white genocide," accroding to NZME. 

Underneath the slogans, they provided a website link to the Western Guard, calling for recruits to sign up by stating "Join the fight today!"

A list of requirements are listed on the website, which says those interested in signing up must be "physcially fit" and "willing to work hard" and states that homosexuals, transsexuals or any people who have a form of mental illness are unable to apply. 

Auckland University Students Association president Will Matthews told NZME that it appears to be "one or two angry people rather than any organised movement on campus" who were behind the posters. 

"You are always going to get a few people who want to put this stuff up and the community self-polices. Students have definitely helped by removing the posters."

Auckland University said they have received complaints and have zero tolerance towards discrimination and racism. 

"The University values and upholds the rights of freedom of expression and of academic freedom, however these rights are accompanied by responsibilities, including respect for the health, safety and wellbeing of our diverse students and staff, and compliance with the law and with University requirements," Auckland University said in a statement. 

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