What's the secret to a happy marriage? Two long-lasting Kiwi couples might have the answers

A pair of Kiwi couples who got married in a double wedding 50 years ago are still going strong and have shared some advice on how to go the distance in a relationship.

With 100 years of wedded bliss between Peter and Jan, and Richard and Angela, the two couples have certainly got something right.

So what's the secret?

"I reckon it's the four F's - friends, family, faith and forgiveness," Richard told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

"And don't go to bed with a disagreement between you," Peter added.

The two women also had some words of wisdom for those looking have a long-lasting relationship.

"Be quick to forgive - it's so liberating," Angela said.

Jan's approach to relationships is a more practical one.

"If we did get a new husband we'd have to train them all over again, so much easier to stick with one."

Siblings Peter and Angela have recently celebrated 50 years of marriage to their respective partners. Source: Seven Sharp