What's the safest way to park your car? It is going in reverse, and Kiwi drivers are surprised



Seven Sharp

Parking sure isn't most people's favourite aspect of driving - whether it be going straight into a horizontal spot, or reversing in, or the dreaded parallel park.

But seeing as the task is largely unavoidable, what is the safest way to do it?

The answer, according to New Zealand’s AA chief driving instructor Bruce Fox, is preferably to reverse in.

"Well there's merits in both ways," Fox says. 

"But the advantage of parking in this scenario behind us, where you back in, is that you can make an informed decision on the way in, because you can see to the front, and behind, and back in.

"I think a lot of the time in car parks it's a lack of good observations, they don't keep checking their environment and then where they're not looking is where they make contact with something, so it's just reliable observations."

While this reverse first parking may be part of the road code in Australia, there’s no mention of what's best practice in New Zealand.

And it's clear from a quick survey of New Zealand drivers that they aren’t too familiar with the road convention over the ditch.

"No I've never even thought about the safety to be honest," said one driver, and he spoke for most of those asked.

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