'Whatever, just please wash your hands' - Dunedin theatre installs quirky inclusive signs

The Regent Theatre in Dunedin has installed new signs on two of its unisex-accessible toilets, but the new signs have a twist. 

The Regent Theatre in Dunedin have installed new signs on their accessible toilets. Source: Supplied

The sign has four figures including symbols for female, male, non-gender specific and people with disabilities across the top, and a reclining green alien below. 

"Whatever, just please wash your hands," the sign reads. 

Regent Theatre marketing manager Hannah Molloy said they put up the sign last Friday after director Sarah Anderson was inspired to get two of the signs made. 

Ms Molloy said reactions had been "97 per cent positive". 

"The point was making it really obvious that there is a restroom for everybody," she said.

"Coming to see performing arts should be a fun, exciting, magical experience. It's taking any pressure points off for people, making sure people have an enjoyable time," she said.