Whanganui woman writes letter to Queen requesting invite to Harry and Meghan's wedding

There's one month until Prince Harry’s wedding to Meagan Markle, and a Whanganui woman who is a big fan of theirs decided to take her chances and write to Buckingham Palace to request an invite.

Marie Sheppard knew it was a long shot but she thought she would go for it anyway.

"As me Mum always said 'if you don't ask you don't get' so I wrote the letter and off it went," Mrs Sheppard said.

This week, the postie came with a reply, the mail complete with the royal postmark.

But unfortunately, it did not bring the news they hoped.

"We'd just been shopping at the warehouse and came back and the letter was in the post box - I was like 'oh no it's from the queen', I was shaken,” Mrs Sheppard said.

"I am afraid I must explain that this is not a matter with which her majesty can assist you with," the letter went.

Still, the Sheppard's remain chuffed with the official postal reply, which Marie says is going to be framed.

Marie Shepherd wrote to Buckingham Palace hoping to get a commoners invite to the big day. Was it a joke? Source: 1 NEWS