Whangārei cop rescues cat with its head stuck in a can

A Whangārei police officer has rescued a curious cat who recently managed to get its head stuck in a can.

The cat was struggling to breathe before Paul was able to cut the end of the can off. Source: Supplied

Police say animal lover Sergeant Paul Nicholas discovered the near catatonic feline on Charles St in Kamo.

“While it looked quite comical, I realised it was fairly serious,”  Nicholas says.

“Asking at the house where the cat was found provided no assistance. So, living nearby, I took the cat home to try to cut the tin from its head.”

He says the cat was virtually lifeless due to a lack of oxygen in the can, but after puncturing the can with tin snips the air rushed in and the cat quickly revived.

“Once the end of the tin was removed, I tried to cut the tin off the cat’s head but erred on the side of caution and transported it to Kamo vets for expert removal of the tin, and not the cat’s ears.”

Sergeant Paul Nicholas and SPCA area manager Margaret Rawiri with the rescued cat. Source: Supplied

Police say the cat has made a full recovery and will be put up for adoption by Whangārei SPCA.

Tinny, Tintin and King Arthur are among the favourite names for the now liberated cat.