'We've had an amazing response' - young Kiwis encouraged to enrol to vote with shopping discounts incentive scheme




A New Zealand media organisation is giving eligible voters extra incentive to vote in this year's General Election by offering shopping discounts as part of a new scheme.

VICE NZ has teamed up with local businesses to try and get more Kiwis voting.

VICE NZ have teamed up with local businesses such as popular eateries like BurgerBurger and Lord of the Fries as well as other New Zealand companies such as Karen Walker to give voters discounts if they prove they are enrolled.

The freebies are targeted at young voters (aged 18-24) after 37.2 per cent of the enrolled demographic alone didn't vote; the Electoral Commission reported there were a total of 126,065 non-voters in the age group of the 338,269 enrolled.

The numbers weren't much better in the next age group (25-29), with another 37.9 per cent (92,967) of the enrolled voters (245,376) opting not to vote.

VICE reports that a further 250,000 people between the ages of 18-29 weren't enrolled altogether.

Parker voted early to stay focused on his world title defence which falls on the same day as the NZ General Election.
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VICE NZ editor Frances Morton told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning the scheme was about making people excited about voting.

"Obviously, the young people in New Zealand are the biggest group of voters who are not enrolled to vote," she said.

"There's absolutely no lack of interest in that group but what we've found is they're just not filling out their forms."

Ms Morton said she contacted businesses VICE had worked with in the past to set the scheme up.

"We had an amazing response - businesses were really looking for something they could get their customers involved in.

A major proportion of those under 30 aren't enrolled to vote.
Source: 1 NEWS

Voters looking to make good on the scheme simply have to show proof of the enrollment by visiting the Electoral Commission site and finding their details and taking a screenshot of their information before heading to a participating business.

While Ms Morton doesn't know how effective the scheme has been so far, she's holding a positive mindset.

"I haven't checked out the figures yet but we've had an awesome response.

"Everybody's got the opportunity, why not do it?"

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