'We've got more and more extreme weather events with climate change and we've got to plan for that'

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says the city has got to plan for more 'weather bombs'. Source: 1 NEWS

Business and property owners have been sweeping out water and chucking possessions following the downpour over the weekend. Source: 1 NEWS

New Lynn Labour MP David Cunliffe says the weekend’s weather event was none like the suburb had ever seen. Source: 1 NEWS

Mumps outbreak in Auckland reaches 25 reported cases

A mumps outbreak in Auckland has reached 25 reported cases.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service has confirmed the numbers to 1 NEWS, with the most recent case reported last Friday.

Earlier last month, the Ministry of Health reported an increase in mumps cases "with 25 cases reported between 1 September 2016 and 9 February 2017".

This number is two to three times higher than for the same period in the three previous years, a statement said.

Symptoms of mumps include sore and swollen areas under the jaw/around the face, usually accompanied or preceded by fever, muscle soreness, poor appetite, fatigue and headache. 

The ministry says the best prevention against mumps is immunisation with two doses of the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR). Vaccination is free.

The NZ doctor website says the last big outbreak of mumps was in 2007 where there were 30 cases in Auckland.


Watch: Newsroom journalist confronts supplier at heart of free-range egg debacle, SFO investigating claims

The Serious Fraud Office has confirmed it is investigating allegations that an Auckland egg supplier was selling caged eggs as free-range eggs to supermarket chain Countdown.

Today, a Newsroom investigation claimed that millions of free range Palace Poultry eggs sold to Countdown before this year were likely to have been laid by caged hens.

Supermarket chain Countdown this morning took Palace Poultry eggs off its shelves after the Newsroom report surfaced.

Countdown said it had been in contact with its supplier, Palace Poultry, this morning and informed them of the allegation.

Countdown sign. Source: 1 NEWS

In a video by Newsroom, journalist Melanie Reid confronts a key player at Palace Poultry, Aaron Fletcher, about allegations that Palace puts caged eggs into free-range containers.

Mr Fletcher tells Ms Reid he's not interested in the claim at all.

He tells Ms Fletcher he has never done that.

Further into video of the investigation, Ms Reid visits Mr Fletcher's suppliers at Eco Foods in the Auckland suburb of Bombay who tell her that they know Aaron as "Stu".

Countdown in a statement today said, "we have removed all Palace Poultry products from our shelves this morning".

"Palace Poultry are audited under the Ministry for Primary Industry's registered risk management programme."

Countdown said the Ministry of Primary Industries website gives their current status as "active", which means they have met the criteria of their risk management programme as a free-range egg supplier.

"We are in discussions with MPI, who can address questions about how standards are set and verification," the statement said.

"We are undertaking our own investigations."

Palace Poultry do not supply any of Countdown's own brands of eggs.

A Ministry for Primary Industries spokesperson says it is not investigating the allegations because there's no evidence of any breaches under the legislation MPI regulates.

"We will continue to monitor this situation and if any new information comes to light we will respond accordingly," the spokesperson says.

The Serious Fraud Office confirmed to 1 NEWS it was investigating the matter and said it would be making no further comment.