Westpac warns of scam emails requesting funds for Christchurch attack victims

Westpac are warning of an email scam, requesting recipients donate funds to the victims of the Christchurch terror attacks.

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Official collectors are at pains to assure the public the money will go directly to the needs of victims and their families. Source: 1 NEWS

After a gunman opened fire on two Christchurch mosques, fundraising for the victims and their families has seen over $5.3m donated across various platforms.

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Maria Robertson of Department of Internal Affairs told 1 NEWS about signs to look for. Source: 1 NEWS

However, in a series of emails confirmed to be a scam, donations are being requested to be made into an account not belonging to Westpac.

"We've had several reports of people receiving emails with Westpac branding requesting donations for the victims of the Christchurch terror attacks," Westpac said in a statement.

Scam emails displaying Westpac branding Source: Westpac

"These emails are NOT from Westpac and we advise anyone who receives one to forward it to

"If you hover over the link you'll see it goes to a scam site called mothersawakening. The account number they supply is NOT the correct account for donations."

"The correct account number for donations to the Christchurch Foundation - Our City, Our People Fund is 15-3976-0091104-080.

"If in doubt, please check with us or come into a branch and we can assist with donations."

Speaking to 1 NEWS, Maria Robertson of the Department of Internal Affairs gave advice as to how to avoid scams when donating money for the Christchurch victims.

"There's an important need to take care - make sure that you know who you're donating to," she said.

"Make sure that you're confident that your hard-earned money and time is actually going exactly where you want it to go by doing some research.

"If people are actually approaching you for cash, or it doesn't feel right, trust your instincts. Look for identification, look for an organisation that you're perhaps familiar with, or take the time to actually do a bit of searching. Even online you can find a lot of information."

You can also donate here.