'We're not getting a lot of clarity' - Ruakaka locals still in the dark over burst Marsden Point jet fuel pipeline

A month after a burst jet fuel pipeline caused chaos for Auckland International Airport, residents of Ruakaka are none the wiser as to the cause of the disastrous event.

The Northland Regionall Council still hasn't spoken to the owner of the land where the Marsden Point pipe ruptured, leaving locals with more questions than answers.

Speculation has led to finger pointing, with local contractors now being accused of causing the mess having to plead their innocence.

"We're not getting a lot of clarity about the process from here on in," Bob Hislop told 1NEWS.

"I've made it clear we've had nothing to do with the event as such, and we've done no excavation there."

But while liability may seem hard to pinpoint, legal action seems inevitable, with Auckland University law professor Bill Hodge saying that those responsible must be found.

"Who is liable? Well first of all we need to know who the defendants are," he told 1NEWS.

"And the first possible defendant is the operator of that digging machine, that seems to be the person who is right on the spot doing something stupid."

The refinery themselves could sue, for both physical damage and loss of income for the incident.

However, until a culprit is pinpointed, residents could be left scratching their heads for a little while longer.

There is a lack of facts for locals evacuated after the Marsden Point jet fuel pipeline bust, on when they can return. Source: 1 NEWS