'We're losing Kiwis at record rates' - mental health petition presented to Parliament


A nearly 13,000 strong petition has been presented to Parliament, calling for more to be done about New Zealand's mental health services.

1 NEWS Political Reporter Katie Bradford has the latest from Parliament.
Source: 1 NEWS

The petition, along with an open letter, has been signed by 12,800 people, as well as some well-known Kiwis, including Taika Waititi, actor Rhys Darby and comedian Michele A'Court.

It makes four recommendations including an urgent funding increase for mental health services, an independent inquiry of mental health and a national education for better understanding of mental health.

Psychotherapist Kyle MacDonald helped with the open letter and said not enough is being done to help struggling New Zealanders.

Mr MacDonald said the government hasn't done enough and is hoping more money will be put aside in the upcoming budget this month.

"We're losing Kiwis at record rates and we need to do something about that."

But Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has ruled out an inquiry.

"We've got a very clear path ahead on mental health. There will be more money in the budget to support mental health services."

He described today's petition presenters, ActionStation, as "very left-wing, anti-government protesters".

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