'We're going through a big turmoil' - Peter Dunne stands aside in 'extremely volatile and unpredictable' political environment




United Future leader Peter Dunne has announced he will stand aside. 

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The 63-year-old not standing for re-election will clear the way for National MP Brett Hudson to potentially make a stand in Ohariu.

Mr Dunne is the third party leader to resign in the space of a month.
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"My thanks and best wishes for the future go to Brett Hudson MP, National's List MP based in Ohariu, for the support he has shown me throughout this year," he said in a statement.

The now former United future leader also praised Prime Minister Bill English.
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Mr Dunne has been an MP since 1984, serving 33-years. 

The move comes after the results of Q+A Colmar Brunton snap poll on August 13 revealed 48 per cent of eligible voters in the Ohariu electorate picked Labour candidate and former Police Association head Greg O'Connor to support. 

"The current political environment is extremely volatile and unpredictable. I have concluded, based on recent polling, and other soundings I have been taking over the last few weeks, that, the volatility and uncertainty notwithstanding, there is now a mood amongst Ohariu voters for a change of MP, which is unlikely to alter." 

"This shift in voter sentiment is quite at variance with polling and other data I have seen throughout the year, upon which I had based my earlier decision to seek re-election for a 12th term as MP for Ōhāriu."

"While I am naturally extremely disappointed after 33 years of service at this apparent change of feeling, I recognise and understand it, and respect absolutely the electorate's prerogative to feel that way," Mr Dunne said. 

"I have therefore decided that it is time for me to stand aside, so the people of Ohariu can elect a new electorate MP. Consequently, after much consideration and discussion with those closest to me, I am announcing today that I will not be putting forward my nomination for election to the next Parliament."

Mr Dunne won the Ohariu electorate seat in 2014 with 13,569 votes, ahead of Labour's Virginia Andersen with 12,859.

Brett Hudson of National was third in the race with 6120 votes.

This year's Labour candidate, Greg O'Connor, was earlier this month polling at 48 per cent support, while Dunne was at 34 per cent.

National's Brett Hudson was about 14 per cent, according to the Colmar Brunton poll, which had a margin of error of plus or minus four per cent.

The second MP on the United Future list is Damian Light.

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