'We're all in this together' - Kiwis with Down syndrome urge for public inclusion

People with Down syndrome in New Zealand are urging for public inclusion, saying "we're all in this together" in a campaign video to raise awareness for World Down Syndrome Day today. 

The day is dedicated to the public to recognise people with Down syndrome and to fully include them "within the social and political communities in which they live".

A video released by the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association features children and adults with Down syndrome who tell the public that "being part of the community is important".

The video has been viewed over 6,000 times on Facebook, which explains activities and other life events which they are able to be involved in and accomplish, with the help of society. 

"You can join us in going to school, after school activities, at work, falling in love, being a role model for others in our community and other fun activities," Kiwis with Down syndrome say. 

The video shares that they "find things challenging" from time to time, but poses the question, "isn't it like that for everyone?"

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission has recognised World Down Syndrome Day by posting the American campaign video, which shares the message people with Down syndrome don't have special needs but human needs.

Along with the video post, the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association wrote, "they may require a little support and assistance to accomplish their needs, but those needs are simply human just like everyone else’s: to study, communicate, work, love and be loved."