Wellington woman charged with aiding suicide


A retired Wellington teacher, already facing charges of importing a euthanasia drug, has now been charged with aiding suicide.

Susan Austen has already been accused of importing a drug linked with euthanasia.
Source: 1 NEWS

Susan Austen, 66, appeared at Wellington District Court this morning, where it was heard she has been charged with aiding Annemarie Treadwell with suicide, between 12 December 2015 and 7 June 2016.

Annemarie Treadwell died on June 6 last year.

The charge has a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

Ms Austen, who was chair of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society's Wellington Branch, already faces two charges of importing the class C drug Pentobarbitone, also known as Nembutal, which is used in other countries for voluntary euthanasia.

Her supporters gathered outside the court, waving placards reading "a peaceful death is everyone's right".

She was remanded on bail, and will reappear in court on 12 May when she is expected to enter pleas to the three charges.

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