Wellington students lauch #MeToo blog in bid to make university experience safer

Stories of sexual assault and suggestions to improve Victoria University's support for survivors have been flowing in since the launch of a #MeToo blog by the university's students' association this morning.

Welfare vice-president Beth Paterson said the anonymous blog provides past and present students with a space to open up about their experiences with sexual assault, harassment and discrimination.

It’s also hoped the blog will highlight in what ways the university and wider Wellington region can be improved when it comes to safety, support, appropriate practices and subject content.

"There’s so many areas that need action in this space," Ms Paterson said.

"There'll be different things needed in halls of residence like training on recognising negative behaviours and on how to intervene as a by-stander, in the classroom; what are appropriate behaviours and relationships to have and there’s a lot of learning that needs to be done.

"I think in this community, as well as having really clear and transparent policies on reporting and making complaints."

Ms Paterson said sexual abuse and harassment survivors can access counselling services or report incidents to police, but often people don’t want to go there.

"I hope that this kind of blog gives people a bit of confidence in processing their own story so they can talk to someone if they need to," she said.

Stories are moderated before they’re posted, with names and identifying features or locations removed.

Ms Paterson said she felt the safety processes in place were sufficient for allowing the stories to be shared online.

The blog will be open for a month, before the stories are shared with Victoria University, Wellington City Council and the Government.

"We really hope they take those stories seriously and look through to find where they can be doing better,"Ms Paterson said.

Victoria University provost Wendy Larner said in a statement the university is supportive of the initiative, as long as privacy and natural justice issues are respected.

"We encourage any student who wants to report sexual violence, wherever it happens or has happened, to consider using the channels at the University to do so and to access the support the University provides," she said.

Welfare vice-president Beth Paterson spoke to 1 NEWS about the blog. Source: 1 NEWS

'What’s up Muzza' - is it weird to call your parents by their first name?

What do you call your parents - mum and dad, or Geoff and Pam?

The idea some people call their parents by their first name was a hot topic on Breakfast this morning, with Hayley Holt saying it was a bit weird calling her parents by their given names.

‘I’d feel a bit odd, ‘hey Robin, what’s up Muzza?’”

Many viewers said calling parents by their given names was disrespectful, with one viewer saying she had earned the title of mum.

Another said when children were older, it could be a discussion families could have together.

Newsreader Scotty Morrison said in Te Reo Māori there were “beautiful terms” for older members of the whanāu.

“As our people get older they get more and more respect because of the life they have had, the life experience, the knowledge that they’ve gained," he said. 

“It’s important in Māori culture to have that respect for the older generation.”

Some Breakfast viewers thought it was disrespectful not to be called mum or dad. Source: Breakfast


Police on the hunt after man seriously hurt in Hamilton shooting

A man has sustained serious injuries after being shot in Hamilton last night

Police responded to Derby Street, Nawton at 10:25pm after receiving reports of a shooting.

An investigation is underway to establish exactly what has occurred and inquiries are being made to find the offenders, who left the scene in a car.

A scene examination on Derby Street will continue this morning.

Police car generic.
Police car generic. Source: 1 NEWS

Police are keen to talk to anyone who was in the area last night and may have information of interest to the investigation.


Record number of happy punters as two win Powerball, 40 win Lotto first division

There were a lot more ecstatic Kiwi punters than usual last night, with two lucky Powerball players winning $2.5 million each and a record 40 players winning Lotto First Division.

Never before in the Lotto's 31-year history have that many winners been announced in a single draw. The 38 first division winners (without Powerball) will take home $25,000 each.

The winning Powerball tickets were sold at a Countdown supermarket in Hastings and at New Brighton Lotto & Discounter in Christchurch.

It follows a winning $7.2 million Powerball draw just a week earlier, sold from a Pak'n Save in Silverdale. As of yet, however, no one has come forward to claim it.

Some winners might be slightly disappointed by their haul from last night’s draw, while two others claimed over $2.5 million. Source: Breakfast

Strong growth expected in GDP figures to be released this morning

All eyes are on the country's financial performance this morning with economists expecting strong growth.

The latest GDP figures are due for release, with ASB tipping they'll show strong quarterly growth.

Westpac have forecast the annual rate of growth to hold steady at 2.7 percent and both banks are picking a 0.9 per cent rise for the quarter.

Eyes are on the country’s financial performance this morning, with ASB tipping strong quarterly growth. Source: Breakfast