Wellington mum 'upset' after anonymous note in letter box calls her property an 'absolute mess'

Stokes Valley woman Ashley Walshe arrived home from picking up her kids to an anonymous letter calling her home an “unloved property”.

A Stokes Valley woman was left shocked after receiving an anonymous letter in the mail calling her home a "derelict unloved property". Source: 1 NEWS

Walshe said she was shocked, and it was the last thing she needed with her brother admitted to hospital last week.

“I was upset, we’ve got a lot going on at the moment,” she said.

The anonymous writer said, “I guess you have no pride and I feel for your poor neighbours”.

With her husband working full-time and looking after three kids, Walshe said it would’ve been better if the person came and had a conversation instead.

“You don’t know other people’s story, our house is a renovation home,” she said.

“Have some empathy,” she said.