Wellington man appears to have discovered loophole in council parking laws

A Wellington man appears to have discovered a loophole in the council parking laws which allows him to park in a prime spot free of charge.

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The strategy seems to allow free parking for an unlimited time. Source: Seven Sharp

The man – known only as Dave – told Seven Sharp about his scheme, that means he can leave his car permanently parked in a 24-hour zone near the airport.

Every 24 hours he goes for a quick drive and takes photographic, time-stamped evidence that he's technically moved the car.

"I come out, I take a photo of the car before I jump in it, I jump in the car, I drive off go past that sign which is the end of the parking zone, round the roundabout," he says.

"I've taken it off the carpark, gone out of the precinct, come back and I've been fortunate enough to get the same carpark back. Now the clock has restarted again for 24 hours."

At nearly 70-years-old Dave says the cost of parking is too high for him and he is "over this stuff."

The council tried to fine him $42 recently for exceeding the 24-hour limit as it looked like he had been parked there way longer than a single day.

However, Dave was able to provide photo evidence that the car had been moved and the council reneged the fine.

He is hoping to sell the vehicle - which he has no room for so has to park on the road - and end the daily routine.