Wellington entrepreneur living the dream with eco-surfboard business

Living the dream comes in many forms, but for Jack Candlish, that form is a surfboard.

The Wellington designer played a part in building the capital's distinctive cafe scene.

Now, he's turned his hand to eco-friendly boards.

"Ninety-five per cent by volume of the finished board is either recycled, upcycled or renewable materials," Mr Candlish told Seven Sharp.

"A lot of people say that if you're interested in sustainability you shouldn't be in manufacturing. you can't manufacture stuff and be good for the environment. But I kind of wanted to debunk that."

The foam, which is the stuff that keeps the boards afloat, is insulation from buildings demolished after the Canterbury earthquakes.

"Typically what happens with that foam is it would have the aluminium peeled off and then the foam would be sent to landfill.

"It's an end-of-life product that we're turning into a high-end consumer good," Mr Candlish says.

After indulging his passion, Jack says he is keen to keep on living the dream of making his own surfboards, then using them to catch some waves.

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    Jack Candlish played a part in building the city’s distinctive café scene. Now he’s found his true love. Source: Seven Sharp