Wellington couple's stored items worth $23k lost by moving company, then found in Auckland




Wellington couple Ian Wright and Sandie Dunsford used Crown Removals to move their house to Queenstown 18 months ago.

Crown played hide and seek with Ian and Sandie's possessions for over six months.
Source: Fair Go

They asked Crown to also store some other items in Crown's storage units.

In January this year, the couple returned to Wellington and asked Crown for their stored items but – the items had disappeared.

For the next six months, Crown said they'd looked and looked - checked hundreds of household units, and couldn't find the items – declaring them missing.

A misunderstanding over their insurance meant they'd not organised any cover for the items in storage – about $23,000 worth.

Fair Go contacted Crown to try and get an explanation for the disappearance and, within a few days, got the news that the goods had finally been found - not in Wellington, not in Dunedin or Queenstown, but in Auckland.

They'd been sent there by mistake and Crown says although its systems are robust, sometimes there is human error.

They say they're working hard to ensure this does not happen again, and have refunded the couple’s storage costs.

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