Wellington Council leads calls for Government to do more to halt use of plastic bags


Wellington City Council is demanding the government takes action over plastic bag levies and has made their own moves to raise awareness about the damage they are doing to the environment.

Most of us use a plastic bag for just twelve minutes, and then never again - but they take decades to decompose.
Source: 1 NEWS

The council is offering its city's residents the opportunity to go on tours of the local rubbish dumps to see where plastic bags end up.

The move comes as part of Wellington City Council's awareness for plastic free July.

"I think as a country we aren't doing enough, as a council we're trying, but we do rely on government to put the policies in place."

Anti-waste groups agree saying government needs to follow the lead of other countries who have introduced either a levy or a ban.

Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson said in a statement that the Government isn't looking at a plastic bag tax, but is open to talk with mayors about the issue.

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