Wellington breaks record with longest stretch of grey days

New Zealand’s capital city has seen just six minutes of sun over an entire seven day period as the 2020 winter breaks records with long stretches of grey days.

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This winter is breaking records with its long stretches of gloom. Source: 1 NEWS

Christchurch also, experiencing a week of cloudy weather.

“We have this whole bank of cloud out in the east and you can see that’s just funnelling in to Christchurch,” says meteorologist Lewis Ferris.

The winter standstill is not set to move until next week with Wellington the current capital of gloomy weather.

The city registered just six minutes of sunshine for all of last week.

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Gloomy Wellington saw just six minutes of sunshine last week - MetService

Locals have certainly noticed - some even fleeing the windy city in search of sun in Christchurch.

The Mental Health Foundation says Kiwis should watch out for the winter blues.

“There is a phenomenon known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, which really relates to low mood or depression which really relates to the sunlight hours during winter,” says Shaun Robinson of the Mental Health Foundation.

“Keep doing those things that kept you feeling good even under adversity during lockdown and do them during these gloomy winter months,” he says.