Wellington boys school holds special assembly to address rape jokes made by students

Wellington College has held a special assembly this morning to address rape jokes made on Facebook allegedly by two prominent students.

Rape Crisis will be brought into Wellington College to speak to students after two boys posted rape jokes on Facebook. Source: 1 NEWS

Principal Roger Moses said he was upset by the whole situation.

"I'm the father of two daughters myself… I feel this very deeply as a male," he told 1 NEWS.

1 NEWS was contacted yesterday by a concerned parent who sent screen shots of a private Wellington College Facebook group, with statements such as "f*** women" and jokes about taking advantage of drunk girls.

"The boys have let the school down badly," Mr Moses said.

He said the situation had been a wakeup call and the two boys involved were also "devastated" by what happened.

Mr Moses said it's too early to say what the punishment for the two boys involved will be, as it happened out of school time.

The school has contacted Rape Crisis and the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network to speak at the school this week.

In a statement posted on the school's website, following the assembly for Year 11, 12 and 13 boys, Mr Moses said the boys concerned had been spoken to and the senior leadership team had launched an investigation.

"The school takes this extremely seriously," he said in a statement.

"The comments made about young women in those posts were deplorable and appalling and do not reflect Wellington College values in any way."

He said the boys had been "given a clear message that part of being a good man is respecting women".

"The incident also reminds us all that whatever we say on social media is there for all to see and for each of us to be judged by.

"I would urge you to take the time to talk to your son/s about the meaning of consent and respect and about the risks they take posting comments on social media."