Wellington out to become 'world's first smokefree capital'

Wellington City Council has vowed to ban smoking in many public areas, with mayor Celia Wade-Brown saying she wants to make the city the first smokefree capital in the world.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown today launched a campaign to ban smoking in council-owned areas. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Wade-Brown launched a new campaign to ban smoking in council owned areas including bus stops, parks, Civic Square outside council buildings and in council-owned flats.

The mayor says the council expects a video promoting the plan to go viral.

"This is global leadership," she said.

The video includes commentary such as: "You wouldn't smoke on a public bus, so why would you smoke at a bus stop?"

The council says around nine per cent of Wellingtonians currently smoke. 

There was mixed reaction from residents ONE News spoke to about the ban plan.

"I [will] smoke at home then. But I reckon it's a stupid idea. People are just going to break the law anyway," one man said.

A woman said she totally supports a ban, saying she's asthmatic "and the less smoking there is the better".

And it seems Wellington's wind may be contributing to the problem.

"Wellington is very windy right? The smoke just goes with the wind," a man said.

The city's announcement came on World SmokeFree Day when the Stroke Foundation called for the Government to ban smoking on Parliament grounds, a  proposal backed by the Maori Party.

The Government is committed to a smokefree New Zealand by 2025.