Wellington Airport issues trespass notice against New Zealand's only convicted plane hijacker

Wellington Airport has trespassed New Zealand's only convicted plane hijacker, who is close to completing her nine-year jail sentence.

Convicted hijacker Asha Abdille Source: 1 NEWS

Mentally ill Somali refugee Asha Abdille stabbed the pilots, and threatened to kill all passengers on board a flight from Blenheim to Christchurch in 2008, but was apprehended and arrested after the plane made an emergency landing.

A Parole Board hearing from December revealed the 42-year-old, who is currently serving her time in a psychiatric unit, has made further threats to hijack another plane and set herself on fire.

Wellington Airport spokesperson Greg Thomas says they are working with authorities to keep passengers safe.

"We can confirm in coordination with airport police we have a standing trespass notice in place and would continue to monitor the situation. The safety of passengers is our top priority," he said.

Abdille will be transferred into the mental health system and continue to be supervised at a psychiatric facility once her sentence expires next month.