Well known Kiwi musician, former Green MP, in running for Far North council

Voters in the Far North are spoiled for choice in the coming local body election with a record number of candidates vying for a position around the table.

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Voters in the region are spoilt for choice, and there’s some star power in the line-up, too. Source: 1 NEWS

There's some star power in the line-up too which ranges from long standing councillors to a Kiwi music star.

Opshop singer Jason Kerrison thinks his musical background can help in a new career.

"Being in a band you've got to collaborate, you've got to get creative, you've got to work with people that don't want to do what you want to do," he told 1 NEWS.

The performer is one of 90 candidates up for the 29 positions on the Far North District Council.

Mayor John Carter's also bidding for re-election, last time around he had one rival, this time it's 10, including his deputy.

"I think that's fantastic what I would say is of course the council need to be careful and select people who understand local government law meeting procedures," Mr Carter said.

Former Green MP and activist Sue Bradford moved north eight months ago and believes the council needs to step up to its social responsibilities.

"I just thought this is an opportunity to give people a choice," she said of her decision to run for council.

In the 2016 Far North election more than 39,000 people were registered to vote but only 42 per cent actually did so.

It's hoped the longer list of candidates will encourage greater participation this time round.