'We'll be here every weekend fighting' - Auckland iwi protest development of gun club on sacred mountain


An Auckland iwi is protesting the development of a gun club on top of the sacred maunga Tuhirangi.

The new shooting club is situated in the middle of 280 acres of private land in rural Makarau.
Source: 1 NEWS

The new Auckland Shooting Club in rural Makarau is threatening to disrupt residents and businesses in the area, including a meditation centre.

Ngati Rango gathered at the hill at dawn this morning, claiming they should have been consulted before it was opened.

"If they don’t shut it down we'll be here every weekend fighting it and pushing it. It can’t go ahead," says Te-Arahi Kapea

Neighbours say they’re shocked at how loud the gunfire is, with one resident claiming he can hear rapid-fire shooting every afternoon from inside his home.

But club owner Raymond O’Brien says noise tests show the range should cause little to no disruption to neighbours.

Small pistol club activities are already permitted in the area, so the Auckland Council was only required to issue a certificate of compliance for the club.

If the club chooses to expand from nine to thirty ranges, in order to become a world class facility, they will need to apply for resource consent.

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