Weird and wonderful shoes on display as part of artistic competition

All sorts of weird and wonderful footwear is on display in Auckland this week as part of a competition called Shoes Extravaganza.

Organiser Annie Tatton says it's "a celebration of shoes and creativity, so a chance for people to express themselves through a different platform".

There are four categories, Pasifika, Fantastical, Contemporary and Young Designer – which features entries from a Waikato school.

The shoes are more works of art than for practical wear, although some have been made with retail potential.

It’s the third year of the competition, but the first time the designs have been showcased in an exhibition.

“I think what I’ve enjoyed most is seeing people's expressions when they look through the window or come in," Ms Tatton said.

"Seeing the joy on their faces makes it all worthwhile."

The creation of some pairs have utilised 3D printing and a fur-covered number was hand-made from scratch using a mouldable material called thermoplastic.

The competition is funded by Ms Tatton, who is a nurse by trade.

She came up with the idea after completing studies on art and design at the Auckland University of Technology.

The course inspired her to use shoes as a way to look at history, art and gender issues with women.

Winners will be announced at an awards evening on Saturday night.

The exhibition, at Auckland’s Ponsonby Central, is open until Sunday.

Organiser Annie Tatton is displaying entries from Shoe Extravaganza in an exhibition for the first time. Source: 1 NEWS