Weekend downpours not enough to budge Auckland water shortage after dry start to year

The weekend's downpours were barely a drop in the bucket for Auckland's water shortage, despite residents sticking to the mandatory restrictions in place.

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The dams are only 44.5 per cent full, compared to the usual 76.85 per cent full at this time of year.

Winter will need to have twice as much rainfall as usual to be able to restore the dams but with a dry few months forecast, there's a warning water restrictions may continue through to summer.

Auckland's dams are only 44.5 per cent full, as of midnight. At this time of year, the dams are usually 76.85 per cent full.

"All the rain we can get is beautiful [but] it only marginally went up," Watercare chief executive Raveen Jaduram told 1 NEWS.

"The key issue is that last year was dry as well. This year is the driest four months on record... The only savior is rain."

That badly needed rain is forecast to continue this week.

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MetService meteorologist Georgina Griffiths says another burst of rain is set to arrive tomorrow night, but it won't be as long-lived or as heavy as was seen over the weekend.

Showers are forecast to continue on Thursday and Friday.

But like this weekend, it's unlikely to make a significant difference. 

"[The dams] are around 400 millimetres short," Ms Griffiths says.

"To fill them, we need a wetter winter than normal - double the normal."

Instead, it looks like winter could have low to average rainfall, Mr Jaduram says. That wouldn't bring nearly enough rain as needed.

"If the forecast is correct, restrictions could carry on into summer," he says.

With water levels low, Aucklanders are asked to be mindful of their usage, outside of just the restrictions.

"The restrictions are working and we're so pleased!" Mr Jaduram says.

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Aucklanders will be facing water restrictions like never seen before if rain doesn’t arrive soon. Source: 1 NEWS

"Our target was below 420 million litres, the last seven days has been around 405 million litres [on average]."

Mr Jaduram thanked people for their efforts so far and says it's likely water use will drop further as we head into the wetter and cooler months.

"A little bit by everyone will make a big difference."

Over the long weekend, around 30 to 50mm of rain fell across most of Auckland, MetService says.