Weather Forecast: Christchurch set for a real scorcher tonight, as most of NZ sweats along too




Christchurch will be subjected to sweltering temperatures for the rest of today, with an expected high of 33 degrees.

And around the rest of the country, temperatures are generally hovering around the low 20's.

Auckland and Wellington are both sitting at 24 degrees, with Dunedin at 20 degrees - one of the few regions of the country which could see some showers tonight as a front moves in.

Sumner beach on a beautiful, sunny day.

Sumner beach on a beautiful, sunny day.

Source: 1 NEWS

While temperatures are forecast to mellow over the weekend, 1 NEWS weather man Daniel Corbett said it's "not going to be a wash-out by any means".

The east coast of New Zealand is set to remain warm over the weekend, with Hawke's Bay in the high 20's the warmest.

But a series of fronts moving up through the county could potentially bringing rain to the west of the South Island over the weekend.

Early next week some showers can be expected across much of the country as fronts come in, and a gradual temperature dip. 

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