'We won't be waiting till Christmas' - NZ First MP says Kiwis won't be put on hold too long for coalition decision




NZ First list MP Tracey Martin says New Zealanders won't be "waiting till Christmas" to find out who their next government will be, and that "everybody would like to get on with their job".

List MP Tracey Martin believes a decision on who her party will form a coalition with will be revealed after the special vote count.
Source: 1 NEWS

Martin doesn't believe any party has the moral mandate to form a government as yet.

Arriving for her party's first caucus meeting following the election, Martin said she wouldn't be part of negotiations with Labour or National.

However, she said: "I really want NZ First to influence the next government, regardless of who we're in government with."

National can form a two-party coalition government with NZ First, while Labour will be negotiating for a three-way deal that includes the Greens.

Labour doesn't have enough seats to hold a majority in parliament with just NZ First.

National and Labour have been in contact with NZ First at staff level to discuss a framework for negotiations.

Martin says all policies are negotiable after an election and NZ First won't know who they are more likely to align with until they've sat down with both parties to see what "people are putting on the table or taking off the table".

"Seems a little silly to start working things around till you know exactly where the cards lay," she said in Wellington.

1 NEWS political reporter Andrea Vance says Mr Peters will hold his first caucus since the election.
Source: 1 NEWS

She says there is a closer connection with Labour when it comes to policies such as education but they will have to see how flexible National is prepared to be in order to form a coalition with NZ First.

"I think everybody would like to get on with their job, but we are where we are," said Martin.

Ms Martin says it is most likely NZ First won't decide who they will form a coalition with until October 7, when special votes have been counted and announced by the Electoral Commission.

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