'We went from having a flat farm, to having a rolling farm' - Canterbury farmer post-quake


A Canterbury farmer says he can "see a bit of light now" after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake turned his Rotherham dairy farm and property into a "war zone".

Shaun Lissington, a North Canterbury Fonterra representative, told 1 NEWS he is "right on top of where it hit". 

"We haven't even touched the houses yet, but there are three fractures through the farm," he said. 

"We went from having a flat farm, to having a rolling farm."

1 NEWS captured these amazing images from near Culverden this morning.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Lissington tried to milk without electricity in the wake of yesterday's earthquake.

Stressed about what he was going to do, he said the "biggest bug" is communication lines being down.

"It's mating season and it's the worst time for this to happen... Our shed has significant internal damage," Mr Lissington said. 

"We have had six guys working right around the clock trying to sort things out… but our cow sheds are still out of action."

Today he's feeling more positive with access to generators, and expects to be milking again by tonight.

Despite the liquefaction, surface water, lack of power and other damage Mr Lissington says he can now see their way forward.

"There's been unreal offers of support… and we're all safe, that's the main thing."

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