'We really miss our mum' - Police officer tears up at daughter's poem

The daughter of two essential workers has written a poem for her mother working on the frontline, as the country goes into lockdown during the Covid-19 coronavirus.

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Pippa, 10, has seen a little less of her police officer mother Jennifer since the Covid-19 outbreak, so she wrote a letter in support of her mum. Source: 1 NEWS

Pippa Nelley, the daughter of two police officers, wrote a poem for her mother Jennifer Hansen – a Wairarapa cop working long hours during the lockdown.

The 10-year-old is living with her grandparents, who are doubling as teachers.

"My nana helped me and we came up with that poem," Pippa told 1 NEWS.

"Hi Nana and Grandad, we’ve come to stay, poor Mum has to go to work each day… we wish the virus hadn’t come, because we really miss our mum," part of the poem reads.  

Jennifer sent the poem to her colleagues, and it was then posted on the Wellington District Police Facebook page.

Pippa said part of the reasoning behind the poem was to show her gratitude.

"Jacinda Ardern says to be kind, so we should all just be kind and patient with each other," Pippa said.

The hardest part of the lockdown was being without her mum, Pippa said.

"I’ve been away from her but not for this long."

Jennifer said parents at home with their children would be finding it "really hard too… because being a parent is the hardest job in the world".

Watch the video above for the full poem.

Story written by Connor Stirling and Abbey Wakefield