Are we paying too much for sunscreen in New Zealand?

As the Kiwi summer continues to blaze, it turns out we might be paying a lot more for sunscreen then our Aussie cousins across the ditch.

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Our cousins across the ditch are getting a much better deal. Source: Seven Sharp

In a Seven Sharp price comparison experiment, 1 NEWS Australian correspondent Ryan Boswell went shopping for sunscreen in Sydney, while Erin Conroy bought the same product back home in New Zealand.

The results were conclusive.

A 65ml Nivea roll-on cost $9.50 in NZ, while the same one was only $5.50 in Australia.

When it came to buying a large amount, one litre of Nivea SPF50+ was $30 here, but in Australia Woolworths SPF50+ brand costs only $9.00 per litre.

Both countries have the two highest skin cancer rates in the world.

However, Australia’s rates are levelling off while New Zealand’s are increasing.

Kiwis canvassed by Seven Sharp over the price discrepancy believe prices should be cheaper here.

“It’s not good, is it,” one man said. “I think that’s crazy!” a woman stated.

Consumer NZ’s Sue Chetwin says Australia can charge cheaper prices due to the high level of competition in the country.

“In New Zealand we have a cosy duopoly of supermarket operators,” she said.

However, if you shop around you still might be able to find a bargain now and then.

Watch the video above to find out how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to sunscreen.