'We need this sooner rather than later' - sick Kiwi pleads for medicinal cannabis to be legalised

Living with multiple sclerosis, asthma and arthritis leaves Huhana Hickey in constant pain.

With easier access to a broad range of medical marijuana within two years, three quarters of people were in favour and just over 20 per cent against. Source: 1 NEWS

Using medicinal marijuana in the form of Sativex is the best way for her to manage her discomfort.

"Medicinal cannabis is where you don't end up in a fog all the time, where your brain doesn't always feel like it can't think, can't function, can't co-ordinate" she says.

The latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll shows nearly three-quarters of New Zealanders were in favour of the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne is looking at research being done in Australia, saying he wants to make products available if they are safe and effective.

"I would expect the results of those would be available in a year or two and that's the point at which we can see if they've been approved in Australia and look to do likewise here," he says.

That wait could be too long for some, however.

"There are people who are dying out there and we need this sooner rather than later," Dr Hickey says.